engine swap

04-22-2011, 08:23 PM
have a 95 4.0 push rod engine ford explorer...I purchased a 2000 sohc 4.0 ford explorer after my 95 was rear ended last winter...the 95 engine is in exellent condition and low, low milage...I spent over a year 2 grand on this truck to bring it up to par...the 2000 is high milage and needs engine work such as tune up sensors changed ect...has good comprssion and high milage...

It will cost me 6-700.00 to get it all up to par..my question is is there any way I can swap out the 4.0 sohc for the 95 push rod type...I know on the assemly line the trucks are fitted with different engines so bolt patterens must be the same for 4.0 and 5.0.

I have the computer and harnes hoping it will fit on the 2000 sohc engine and the computer will replace the other one ...anyone know what is needed and can a swap be done...will it be worth my while...the 95 engine is in awesome condition...:confused:

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