2001 2.2l cuts out with less 1/4 tank

04-21-2011, 06:29 PM
anyone had this problem my 2001 cav 2.2 l runs just fine with proper amounts of gas but once it gets to about 1/4 tank it will cut out on sharp turns normally left seems to set it off and going up hill too but i think its the hard left turns more than the going up hill it doesnt normally die if i just let up and wait a few seconds it takes off again doesnt seem to be back firing more like starving for gas

05-28-2011, 09:15 PM
The fuel level sensors in Chevys are known for going bad, I would guess your gauge is off, and you actually have less than 1/4 tank. So you're probably running out of gas going up hills and turning. My sister had a '96, and she let it get so low that when parked in my parents driveway it wouldn't start. I rolled it out into the street (mostly level) and it fired right up.

When I fill my '04 from 1/4 tank on the gauge it takes about 9-10 gallons (to my knowledge, the tank capacity on '96+ [and maybe older] is 12 gallons, I know '04 is 12 gallons). Your owners manual probably says what your car is. Fill the tank from 1/4 and see how much it takes. The pump is also cooled by the fuel, so if you determine that you are running out of gas, be sure to keep at least a few gallons in the tank or the pump will burn out. The good news there is that the fuel pump on these is an assembly that contains the level sensor, so if the pump goes bad, there's a 99% chance replacing it will fix the gauge problem.

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