3.9 cuts out when hot---FIXED!

04-21-2011, 04:40 PM
I hope this helps someone.... 1996 Ram Van with a 3.9. Ran sensational when cold/open loop. Once warmed up, it would cut out at times, especially when leaving a stoplight. On the highway it would run great. Followed earlier threads on this and made repairs accordingly. Codes, when I would get one, would be random misfire, 303,305. Fuel pressure, ok. Checked for vacuum leak, none. Cleaned all grounds, changed 3 and 5 plug and wire, no change. Cap and Rotor which it needed, no change. Coil, no change. Ok...maybe crank sensor. Nope. Drove around wiggling every wire loom in sight, no change. Alright, maybe a cam sensor. No change. The only thing left that seemed to be "heat sensitive" was the PCM. Got a junkyard PCM and viola, FIXED! :smokin: Life is good.

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