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98 accord shift problem automatic on vtec motor

04-18-2011, 09:00 PM
Have a 98 honda accord automatic 4 speed aproximatly 280000 km
When I go to back up it idles and in a couple seconds it takes for the transmission engages and slams in to gear
back up put it in drive same thing it idling and in a few seconds engaes like a bang and it move forward no problem.
now when I drive it seams to slide in to gear like it is slipping and finally engages smoothly now thou
I did have a trouble code but the mechanic cleared them and cant get that back
and I can not get that code back up
but it shift solonoid a or might be b cant remeber which one. and I can only get one at honda the other one is no longer availble
Just wondering if this is the problem or is the transmission going

04-20-2011, 10:36 PM
You can try the solenoids but from my experience it's rare that it fixes the issue. The only way is to replace the trans with different one. I don't suggest a junkyard trans because there are so many issues with them. We have a customer with a '98 Accord that needed a trans and he supplied us with one from the junkyard. Guess what? It's worse than the one we took out and the junk yards won't do a thing about it besides sell him another one.

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