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2000 Impala CD Radio Stopped

04-11-2011, 07:38 AM
A few months ago the radio cd player stopped working and thus my access to the information computer. I replaced it with a refurbished one that was fully functional, but that one doesn't work either. So it appears to be another problem. I've checked and replaced the appropriate fuses, but that didn't resolve the problem either. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this and what the problem might be? I'm hesitant to get an after-market unit because it may not work either and I'll loose access to the information computer.

06-08-2011, 09:43 PM
GM did some stupid things in their time but they also made the radios theft proof.

If you have a little yellow light that flashes when the key is off or a small little red one that flashes you have a RDS radio. (Shows the station id's and allows you to get inside the system)

When you take one out of another car the radio has to be programmed with your car's VIN number. Thats whats makes it theft proof. You need to take to a Dealer and have it done. Unless you know someone who can program it for you. This also allows it to react with the BCM and on board computer.

Hence the ding ding when you open the door and hear it out of the speaker.


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