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2005 Accord Ex maintenance

04-08-2011, 01:33 PM
I posed some of this question before. I am at 114,000 miles and this car has ran extremely well. I put 15,000 mi on it on a 3 month trip across USA last summer and did not use any oil or have any trouble. I will probably be traveling again this summer and want to do preventative maintenance now. I will be changing all 4 disc pads,brake fluid,coolant,water pump,thermostat,air cleaner,cabin filter,valve adjustment,valve cover gasket & tube seals. I have recently changed plugs,serpentine belt,oil & oil filter,trans fluid,rotated tires.
What about the radiator itself,upper and lower hoses,small heater hoses,plug wires,cap,rotor and coolant? I have read the pros and cons about using only Honda coolant. I always worry about radiators and how long they will last. I have not had any problems with this one but it has 114,00 miles on it. I always feel it is cheaper to fix it now while the labor is free and cost of the parts is cheaper online. Any reason to change small transmission fluid hoses? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

04-08-2011, 08:27 PM
Sounds like you pretty much have it covered. I would replace the coolant with Honda stuff, just drain the radiator and refill or drop the lower hose too to remove all coolant. There is a new trans fluid from Honda called ATF DW-1 that flows way better than the Z1 does. I recommend 3 drain/fills. With a 100 miles or so between drain/fills. That way you get mostly all new fluid. We work on Honda's every day and never replace hoses unless oil has been leaking for years on it and made it bloated. Usually it's heater hoses under the distributor from it leaking oil on the older Accord's. Your car does not have a distributor, cap, rotor, or wires. It uses a coil on each plug. I would also change the plugs with new ones from Honda, DO NOT waster your money on any thing other than stock plugs! When you do the brakes don't forget to clean the caliper holders from rust & lube, install or clean clips and lube, lube back side of brake pads, and clean and lube all slide pins. If you are planning on doing rotors too you will need an impact driver to remove the screws holding the rotor to the hub. Also remove all rust from hubs if new rotors are being installed. Feel free to ask me any more questions.

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