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Creation thought nobegining brand designer Marc Jacobs quarterly by Marc Jacobs vice line Marc handbag series dazzle, today season designers continued to break through the original fabric and accessories, underlines coach outlet online ( the concept of a funny series: don't.

My Bow Logo series

Marc Jacobs saw lovers in addition to know for his strong dressed, but also know how to enjoy life, leisure, don't forget to Travel around from 2009, so my winter began has launched Logo, with numerous Marc girl series Jumbo Logo for the vaunted crazy design blueprint 3, paragraph 1, the design gives the size of Bag Bag: Small Fast forward Bag and, Bag making about Fast. With strong Resort series is my holiday breath for Logo for packaging, and again series with graffiti technique will be full of childishness pink bowknot painted on the Jumbo Logo, handsome is dye-in-the-wood. Roll out small bags with series also deserve wallet or small like makeup bag, the whole all condemned will become fans adored goal.

Color: with Black (Black)

Into The Standard named series we

Love The Marc Jacobs play design printing, today season also create many spectacular design printing to leopard grain as The theme of The printing "Into The we" is The main pattern, garment series is The creation Coach Leather Handbags ( inspiration of handbags sources, match again with new Mabel style, quite practical.

Color: dark brown (with Palm Desert and shallow brown Multi) (Cork Multi)

Interesting Nappa series

Nylon is interesting by Marc, Marc Jacobs of the best-selling series, popular logo suture material, plus lightsome Nylon is welcome reasons. So, today season Marc Jacobs redirect packaging, creating interesting Nappa series, with soft light little sheep, and instead of Nylon material retained logo suture, Nylon upgrade edition is interesting, dash forward show nobility fashionable breath.

Color: with Black (Black) and purple (Sparkling Grape)

To Marc series

Today season to Marc stripped plover case coat and crown, change, wearing t-shirts, black and white stripes on the new Resort 2009 launch Amour necklace and Marc head hoop, put on her favorite, heart-shaped glasses, creating Coach Luggage Bags ( a leisurely and holiday modelling.

In addition, Marc also launched to Lace holiday edition in Japan to Marc, wind black-and-white comic technique will bud silk elements to inject, has always lively and lovely modelling, change, Marc, Marc filled with young to the breath of life, do not have a flavor.

In addition to launch the handbag design, also has many outside, Marc, Marc deserve to paragraph as earrings, necklaces and rings, is the necessary choice of spring dress up.

Color: with White Lace to Marc -); (white.on To Marc - with purple Grape Juice) and Red ((Red)

Starlight and Starlight Pave series makes makes
Much money be familiar with jewelry series such as to Marc and Marc Script, has been by very popular and loved, therefore, Marc, Marc Jacobs is committed to launched by brand-new headgear series, wu more. Advocates of Marc girl Today season was most warmly expect is brand-new makes series, in order to sky Starlight for creative inspiration, the colourful, stereo stars, pigeons and heart type for pendant with series of photograph echo, is a fun and fantasy series. This series with three-dimensional modelling rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. In Coach Maggie Bags ( addition, Starlight Pave series is Starlight makes the upgrade edition makes series, each piece of jewelry design have add flash stone to make an ornament, more in line with the theme of flashing sky.

Iconic charms series

Classic jewelry series - Iconic charms, mainly by Marc Jacobs handbags, Marc on delicate small accessories such as zippers, small button nailing and buttons as creative inspiration. Today season in popular style for adding flash stone ornament, highlight female enchanting and moving temperament.

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