Dior bag of light are cross-border dialogue

04-01-2011, 10:27 PM
The package" Dior light are showed France and China, contemporary art and fashion conversation. LiSongSong through the structure, lines and cutting methods are reinterpreted Dior. He will handbag on the cane coach bags (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/) classic case grain (Cannage) design into three layers, forming the skeleton, giant device installed neon lights, make its abnormal ablaze, become the focus of attention.

The upcoming Dior Shanghai event more exciting:, 5/14/05 Dior will held the grand flagship store, and the vernissage introduction to "blue" as the theme of the global exclusive Shanghai limited collection series. The day will be portman square Dior show special exhibition hall, set up brand from France 11 a gorgeous airlifted custom-made dress, and senior, Mr Liu, zhang huan and famous Chinese artists are a delegate with Dior wantonly inspiration and creative works of art. Exhibition will last two weeks, will let China VIP comprehend brand a collection of culture and traditions.

This time, we speak of hand carry bag. Yes, that's the hand carry bag! Today's hand carry bag seems to have man enough to give men use.

Besides all sorts of rectangle, round big purse beyond, all sorts of canvas, the canvas, coating, coating, environmental protection, no not environmental protection handbag backpack, now also included in the hall Coach High Heels (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/coach-shoes-coach-high-heels-c-12_50.html) closet. Men Beginning, still confined to beach recreational, or various music festival. Recreational temperament, then, is separated from the spread of all ages. Each age has its own hand handbag design and modelling.

To ran show neuter slightly, however, practical effect and trend of change, let us place within urban streets gradually can see the figure of men and hand handbag. In relaxed summer, tie-in knickers and bright TEE, you can refuse the temptation of hand handbag?

Here to tell you this season is the most fashionable 15 paragraph hand carry bag, see if your chosen style!
Coco chanel bag Cocoon series had suddenly become fashionable actress who recently to be bestowed favor on newly, don't see this series bag looks fat, super cute, practicality is the highest principles of Cocoon design Coach Sandals (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/coach-shoes-coach-sandals-c-12_55.html) Coco, wide travel bag, the postman package, and shoulders with comfortable cotton-spreading straps after all the backpack can hold next girls much super baby, no wonder Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz), Sarah Jessica parker (, SJP), Lily Allen (Lily Allen's sport in), faye wong, chiling Lin, fan bingbing this big actress are scrambling to chase ticket.

Metal zippers clasp can be fixed in bags profile, and locked side pocket, safe, clasp on delicate ground "Tod" (transit-oriented 's Logo designs engraved.
Interior space is very full, have a zipper inside the bag, with different color of leather, lined with colour also have subtle differences.

Key specific icon regression

D - Bag name origin, also because when cixin bags by princess Diana's favorite, and the name of the princess named. After years of mature evolution, D - retains a Bag of DNA, "Tod" (transit-oriented 's Bag bottom side manual suture, paddle shaped carry hand, bags positive flat-fell seam details, etc can in any one paragraph D - Bag find inheritance, concise and easy it is its collocation Coach Sneakers (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/coach-shoes-coach-sneakers-c-12_48.html) advantages, and daily commuting or shopping leisure, will bring you easily comfortable using experience.

Vachette leather and dyeing process

Mention "Tod" (transit-oriented 's, have to mention almost done this brand of outstanding achievements doug qualitative, also known Vachette leather shoes. By this kind of leather Bag sense of D - and it's a very soft and thick to pay attention to the capacity of toughness, box Bag speaking, reduce weight very close!

Lavender appearance is made of pure plant dyestuff dye through special dyeing process, so can see leather surface some light dye trace, much like marble stripe.

The belle stars people in with some gorgeous Coach Wedges (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/coach-shoes-coach-wedges-c-12_49.html) summer like all the accessories or bag out street. So specific will use any package? We can only from the prevailing color terms, so perhaps you also can overtake star model more frequency of the bags. Change By using the actress too much red bag, so we call these crazy love red packets of actress who is "red army".

This summer "packets bound" worthy of the fashion colour is red. To look at the stars you looking for editor for example, but in the wrong also have the right. Learn how to choose the tie-in dress suits summer COACH BOOTS (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/coach-boots-c-24.html) zocy00007 01.07 of different quality of a material red bag.

Handsome sex "red army" : gentle stereo grain

French film actress Marion cotillard Leon Marion coach outlet online (http://www.coachfactoryonline.com/) cotillard) often (back this batchrename miu miu bags from. Collocation a blue coat, very grab an eye color is tie-in. Several drives chose blue coat, simple tee can wear a fashionable sense, this is the study of the fellow netizens.

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