Window motor replacement 1988 Grand Wagoneer (Cherokee)

03-30-2011, 11:54 PM
:runaround:Hi folks, new here, but use the Transsport forum a lot. Helping my mother with her Jeep. The driver window stopped working in the down position, couldn't figure out how to manually raise it. Power is ok at the disconnect, and the motor leads are continuous indicating to me a short in the motor. There is no motor sound when the switch is on, and the motor box itself is hot. SO went to remove it and it is held in place with rivets! Drilled them out but could not disconnect the regulator cable. I can't find a manual for this car so am asking how to get the motor outta there. If its a press fit andy suggestion how to loosen it, and are there gears in there, or a cable end I have to disconnect. I have no clue. Next step is picknpull to remove one of their motors and if I get it out in one piece I'll buy it. Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

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