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Fixing Under Tray (Rubber below the Front Bumper)

03-25-2011, 07:56 AM
I have a question regarding the front under tray (at least that's what I believe it is called) of the honda. I'm referring to the big black rubbery thing attached under the bumper that prevents dirt from the road to go up to the engine.

Can you reattach that big rubber thing?

It got caught on the small parking stop when I was getting into the parking slot (going in front first) and there was a big sound when I backed up. When I examined it, the rubber part on the driver side was hanging down on the ground.

Is it possible to reattach it yourself (is it screwed on, or can you re-set or re-clip it on), do you need to bring it to a shop, or do you need to buy a new one?

I drive a city just fyi, which is something between a civic but looks more like a jazz. I think it is only available in asia.

Thanks for the help.

03-25-2011, 10:17 AM
It should be held on with something like this:

Being able to fix it completely depends on whether you can safely get under the car or not, and how bad (if any) damaged the under tray is.

But if it's hanging, you may have torn the holes, damaging the under tray. In that case, you may need a new one. You may be able to drill new holes in it, and mount the fasteners in a different hole on the body. You could even rig it up by drilling little holes and using zip ties. Obviously that wouldn't be the best cosmetic option.

Also with those kind of fasteners, they can be a little tricky to remove. When you're loosening the screw part, use the least amount of pressure possible. Doing that will make it loosen easily. If you put too much pressure, it will just spin and spin.

03-25-2011, 07:23 PM

Yeah, I think I've but no choice to at least get it to a shop where they could lift it up and take a good look underneath.

Good info to know before going. Thanks again.

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