93 MX6 2.0 wiring problem

03-15-2011, 12:03 PM
Im hoping that someone has seen this issue before, I was brought this car to see what is going on with it, was not getting any spark. I found another distributor in the junkyard and replaced it and was still not getting any spark, when I pulled the distributor and turned it by hand with the ignition on, the injectors would fire, but not the plugs. I added power to the black wire with a white stripe on the 3 wire plug and now it runs, but as soon as I remove that jumper wire it stalls. :banghead:

Im asuming there is a short somewhere, but before I start tracing that wire back to the ignition switch, does anyone have any ideas where I should start? And the fuses in the box for the ignition are good, did check those first.

Any ideas would be appreciated!!!!

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