What needs to be replaced after a crash on 02 cavalier

02-15-2011, 12:46 PM
Hello all, this would be my first meaningful post on this forum, I hope aspects of this haven't been answered yet.
I got in a minor crash a few weeks back. I rear ended a car on the e-way going around 20 mph. The airbags deployed, in the process, cracking my windshield. I have replaced my windshield. I have also purchased both on ebay the driver and passenger side airbags from the same model year. I have also purchased (from the same seller and listing) the DERM unit that matches both airbag units. The crash itself only cracked the bumper and the headlight. No other structural damage. The forward crash sensor (in front of the radiator, visually, looks good (no damage from what I can tell). I haven't removed the original passenger side airbag yet, but I assume the interior sensor also checks out. From my understanding, the 2002 cavalier does not have seat belt tensioners. Is this true? What is the probability that the sensor is engaged right now, after the fact? If I install the airbags with the new unit, will the bags deploy? Do I have to get the DERM module coded to work with the car? I have attached a few images to illustrate.


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