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1What does it mean when a 1993 Honda Accord needs an service tune up?

02-11-2011, 07:11 PM
Currently, I am looking to buy a used car. I came across craigslist where I saw a 1993 Honda Accord for $1500. She told me the car needs a service tune up.

What does it mean?
What problems can occur since it hasn't not had a tune up?

02-12-2011, 01:06 PM
If "tune ups" aren't done on a regular basis that usually means the car wasn't maintained. It all depends on what was done last. If not done regularly the car will run poorly or may not even run for that matter.

Oil / filter change
Trans fluid
Brake fluid
Brake service
Air filter
Distributor cap/rotor
Plug wires(possibly)
Spark plugs
Fuel filter
Timing belt/water pump/belts
Valve adjustment

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