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My headlight bulb runs out quick.. Dishonesty by auto-repair???

02-09-2011, 08:24 PM
I have Integra 1997 GS manual type, lowered.

I bought this car about 4years ago. It has 15000 mileages on it. And maybe 6months ago, I replaced the lightbulb on the back, because it wasn't working. At that time, the auto-repair agency didn't charge me.

And just about 3months ago, the headlight bulb stopped working again! on the rear spot. This time they charged me 5$ for the bulb. Fair enough.

And couple of weeks later, the 2 of frontal headlight bulbs also went off.. that's why I been using the high-double lights until today.. so at least the other 2s were working. I paid 30$ to change those, because that's what they charged me. Also the rear headlight bulb, once again, needed to be replaced because it was weaker.. (right one was weaker than left one)

I am mad because I have come to auto-shop 3times, although for the first time for the frontal headlight.. If this kind of thing happen again, I think I will have to argue them. Actually I am going to argue them tomorow, but let me know what could causing this problem.

I have some of factors that might be related to this problem.
1) I got an accident last year, and the bumper on the right is a bit crooked, but it was minor accident.

2) As I was researching online, it could be the wiring problem.. But if it was indeed, how come the auto-repair agencys didn't tell me anything? Maybe they didn't find it out or something?..

3) I also researched what causes lightbulb's life to shorten.. one is the vibration, second is depending on the how much energy the lightbulb consumes,, in other words, if it's brighter, it consumes more energy.. My car is lowered so sometimes it hits the brick on the ground as I park my car.. and I guess more vibration. But still, I replaced rear lightbulb for 2times! and when I hit the brick, its actually the front, not the rear...

4) Lastly, my car battery is low. Sometimes my alarm sound doesn't even work as I open the door. This happened because I was listening music several times, and had event where my car lost all the electricity, so I had to use the help from other car, using the cable (not sure the name) by plugging in both cars. But how does this relate to the headlight bulb getting worn out (or broken)? It seems that it doesn't make sense.. Unless the battery itself need to be replaced so it can provide the full energy to all the lightbulb?? If that is the case, then maybe lightbulbs were ok.. didn't really needed to be replaced. (could this be the case?) Thing is I never told those agency about this, and they might had been unaware of ..

02-09-2011, 09:54 PM
1) Are the light bulbs being replaced with used bulbs from a salvage yard?
2) If you touch an halogen light bulb by hand, the natural oils from the hand can burn the bulb premature.

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