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1994 Escort Keyless Ignition

02-03-2011, 09:50 PM
Hello all! I have a problem that I need clarification before I start this project. I understand the risks about theft, etc. However, I still wish to undertake this. So please spare me lol. I wish to have a keyless ignition system. This is the device I have built:

2 Switches / 1 Button

Switch 1 (Accessory, 50 amp)
Switch 2 (Ignition, 50 Amp)
Button (Starter, 10 Amp)

I have a total of 8 wires going to my ignition cylinder. 2 Plugs, 6 on 1 and 2 on the other. The 6 plug is as follows:

Black/Red (HEAT-A/C)
Black/White (Accessory)
Black/Blue (Starter)
Blue (Ignition 12 Volt)
1 Other wire I am unable to tell the color of (Car is parked a few blocks away)

The 2 Plug is 2 solid Black wires

Here is what I plan on setting up:

Switch 1 (Accessory)

Switch 2 (Ignition)

Button (Crank Engine)
Black, Black/Blue

My questions are twofold:

1) What is the white wire and mystery wire for? Should they go to the Accessory or Ignition Switch?

2) Simple and stupid question. How do I wire the 2 posts of the switches up to the wires? There is only 1 end of the wire exposed. This is the one thats really bugging me. How can I create a closed circuit?


02-03-2011, 09:57 PM
I think I have found that the unknown wire is a yellow/blue one thatpowers the tach? And the white one is apparently a neutral ground wire. Should I then run the white wire to the negative terminals of both switches, but not the button?

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