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Tranny, Vibration or ?

01-30-2011, 09:16 AM
Hey guys,
I have a '95 Accord LX automatic and whenever the tachymeter goes above 2k while driving I hear a loud vibration/noise. My first thought was that the transmission is going because it also clunks a little when it goes into gear. Then I decided to do some tests to see if it was happening because of the engine speed or because of the tranny trying to switch gears.

First test was as follows, put the car in neutral while parked and rev it past 2k. The results was that there was no sound. Not good news for my tranny.

Second test was to put the car into the first or second gear position and rev the engine while moving. The theory being that the tranny will not switch gears at all and the noise should not happen. The noise DID happen.

So what is causing this noise? It only happens above 2k while moving and doesn't SEEM to be tranny related, but what do I know?!

01-30-2011, 11:11 PM
Bad mount? Brake torque the engine with the hood open and have some one look at the mounts, or the other way around. Make sure to brake torque in Drive & Reverse.

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