94 cav stalling under 30 mph

01-29-2011, 10:32 PM
Hey, first off thank you for your help, and if its been posted before sorry for a repete, i looked but didnt see a similure post.

i have a 94 cav 4 door 4cyl, the problem started a few days ago, in the morning the car drives fine and gets worse though the day, im assumeing its when the engine warms up.

basically the car runs fine in P,N, and i belive R (though not sure) but after it warms up when i put it in drive i have to floor it to keep the RPM's up or it stalls, i have to get it over 30 or so to keep it from stalling, requireing it to be in N for turns stops or slows.

i had a few ideas, but most of what i come up with should be present at all times weather before it warms up or in more then just the forward gears, any help at all is greatly appreciated, thank you.

EDIT: after posting this it gave me similure threads, which state a problem like mine, apperntly theres a part that goes off on these and one of them said i can unplug mine and it may work at the exspense of MPG's. i will try this in the morning, or atleast atempt to find out more on it, again thanks guys.

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