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SOS i have just 24h to make a decision

01-29-2011, 02:31 PM
Hi guys thank u for being interested.I just emigrated from Albania(european country) to USA and i have to by a car.I have seen several cars before a HONDA ACCORD EX production year 2000,2 doors,4 cylinders,2.3L engine,manual shift,very good looking,leather insides etc.The price was 3500$ but i think that I can negotiate about that.To make the long story short i need some good advices from people who know(own it or repaird it) this model of honda.I'm waiting for your advices to make the right decision.thank u again

01-29-2011, 03:08 PM
You can not go wrong with a Honda. I always recommend Honda and Toyota to some one looking for a car. With the Accord depending how many miles are on it the timing belt needs to be replaced at 105,000 miles which is an expensive job. Other than that if it was maintained properly you should be good. Wheel bearings and control arms(upper ball joints) are a common issue.

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