Page updated on 05-25-2018

FAST IDLE with New IAC - 2001 E150 5.4

01-19-2011, 04:46 PM my recent post regarding high idle after install of new IAC.

The following is an update..

.....started to get a 1506 error code after installing the new ICV - 'ICV overspeed error'. In do'n some research, the standard solution was to find and fix a vacuum leak that surely exists. However, no vacuum leak whatsoever! You can hear the air being sucked into the IAC. I squeezed the intake hose to the IAC to inhibit the intake air and, sure enough, idle dropped. As soon as I stopped squeezing the hose, I get the high idle again. Its obvious the ICV is 'wide open'. Finally, after letting the old ICV soak in carb cleaner overnight, I re-installed it and, wamo, all is OK! Nevertheless, I do want to install a new ICV....this is the second time I had to clean the current one and it looks pretty corroded.

Do these new ICV ( Duralast TV242 ) products come bad out of the box? Autozone - $39

I know the ICV can't be directly adjusted but can the ECM be reprogrammed to adjust the idle?

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