The mysterious disappearing coolant saga...

01-18-2011, 01:10 AM
Well, my 97 Rodeo(obviously, or I'd be in another forum:icon16:) runs like a champ! I put a new fuel filter on today... couldn't even blow through the old one! Maybe it'll start easier now. Anywho, it never runs hot, never smells of antifreeze, even in the exhaust though it is rather steamy. I even squeeze the radiator hose a few minutes after shutdown and the system still has good pressure. But I usually have to top the radiator off with more than a little fluid once every week or so. I've tried to route the coolant plumbing on the motor, and it just confuses me! Are there any points in the system that are prone to leaking? Please help!

V6, by the way.

01-18-2011, 01:55 AM
...Are there any points in the system that are prone to leaking?...

Check for coolant running from the rear of the engine - the cylinder-head banks cross-over pipe and associated 'O' rings are prone to leak.

There is a pic of the engine rear in this thread:

01-19-2011, 01:05 AM
Oh, crap. That's gonna be fun to get to. Thanks for the help from down under, mate... your army has some of the coolest soldiers I've ever worked with!

01-19-2011, 01:19 AM
If yours is leaking back there, check this thread for Jerry (Lemond's) capital letters tip on getting at it: (

If the problem is 'O' rings you'll probably have to take the intake manifold off.

(P.S. 35 years ago I was a 'Digger' (Oz soldier) too).

01-19-2011, 06:45 PM
Cool, thanks for that little pointer!

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