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No heat (no air blowing)

12-28-2010, 10:45 AM
This is an informational post. Could equally effect A/C in warm weather.
2004 LeSabre Limited, about 98,000 miles.
Symptom - no air blowing from the heater vents at any fan speed setting.
The two involved fuses were found to be good.
Conncting a test light at the motor power supply terminals showed power was being delivered to blower
Tapping the blower motor would cause it to work for a couple days.
Replaced the blower motor (about $55 for the OM part at Amazon) and all is happy.

Took the old blower motor apart, found brushes worn down and a build-up of a black fuzzy stuff (maybe worn brush material) in the motor housing. Dirty stuff in any case.)

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