99 Altima gle?? good buy???

12-26-2010, 01:54 PM
I am lookin @ buyin either 99 cutlass gls 114k for or 99 altima gle 117k..The cutlass i say had some common issues but i was wondering if there was anything i needed to know about the altima before i decided to buy it...?

01-12-2011, 08:26 PM
That's relatively low miles for a '99. What price are they asking? What's the visual condition of the vehicle? How does it drive?

I have a 2000 Altima GLE with 136,000 miles, and here's some issues (not related to regular maintenance) I've experienced passed the 100k mark:
1) bad idler pulley (completely broke off one day when I was driving 70 mph on the freeway; vehicle was not drivable beyond 20 mph); vehicle had roughly 96k miles on it when this happened.
2) valve cover gasket (not to be confused with intake manifold gasket, another common issue with these cars); there was oil seepage around the gasket which started showing up around 80k, and finally replaced shortly after 100k (no noticeable changes in performance, just kept the engine compartment a little cleaner with less oil residue).
3) bad remote trunk release actuator (at about 80k miles).
4) unresponsive driver side window button on master control switch located on the driver side door panel (at about 90k miles).
5) bad engine mounts (all 3 needed replacement at about 100k miles)
6) bad coolant thermostat (at about 120k miles).
7) bad alternator (at about 130k miles).
8) bad water pump (at about 133k miles).
9) bad catalytic converter (at about 133 k miles).
10) oil pan gasket showing a slow leak (first visible at around 100k miles).
11) bad rear wheel bearings (first one went bad around 95k, replaced it and the same one went bad again after about 20k miles).
12) excessive oil burn when sustaining an uphill climb for more than 3 miles; one time lost about a quart of oil after a sustained elevation gain of roughly 3000 feet over an 11 mile uphill stretch of road.

A really common problem with these Altimas (1998-2001) is an intake manifold gasket leak, which is a relatively cheap part but very labor intensive to replace. The leak occurs from excessive engine heat which gets trapped in the upper rear portion of the engine compartment (same location as the intake manifold; very poor design IMHO) which results in a gradual warping of the gasket; once the gasket is warped enough, it begins to crack and leak, which results a very rough idle. You can quickly diagnose a bad intake manifold gasket by spraying carb cleaner along the outer portions of the intake manifold gasket while the engine is idling; if the idle becomes quieter and more consistent after applying a quick spray of carb cleaner, then this points to a leaking intake manifold. Fortunately I don't drive my car very hard or in conditions of extreme heat, so I've never had to deal with this issue.

02-15-2011, 08:15 AM
Yes you can try for 99 Altima gle this is also a good one .or else you can go online and check you might find so many options which will help you.

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