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Could my mechanic have blown my engine?

12-23-2010, 12:18 AM
Could my mechanic have blown my engine? While driving my car I heard a pop, like it backfired, then noticed a puff of white smoke come out of my tailpipe (one puff). I probably drove it another 3 miles, with no sounds or puttering or smoke coming out of the tailpipe, before pulling over because the car was losing power. I had the car towed to a shop and the mechanic asked about the car. I told him I must of blown my engine and then went on to tell him what happened. the mechanic asked if I had started my vehicle after pulling over and to tell him how it sounded like. I told him i hadn't started the car after I had pulled over. At that point I went out side and tried starting my car. it started up with no
problem. it made no noises or smoke coming out of the tailpipe. there was not puttering, clicking, or any other sound or any visual signs of a blown motor. I then turned my car off, and looked under the hood. When I looked under the hood i noticed radiator fluid was on the engine. I noticed no other deficiency. The car was left at the auto shop so they could find out, what exactly was wrong with it. The next day i get a phone call from the mechanic saying that he believes i bit the bullet on this one, because he said he put a new radiator hose on the car and it started up with no problems. he said that my hose had blown right off and that he had never seen that before. he also said that he was going to let the car idol for another 20 minutes just to be sure everything was ok, and if it was ok, i could come and pick it up. after that conversation, I hung up and never heard from him again until I called a week later (i was out of town) When the mechanic got on the phone his first words to me were, you blew your engine and it's beyond repair. He said I had melted everything on the car and I couldn't pay someone to fix it. He said buying a new engine was a bad Idea because I had damaged everything so badly, that it was all beyond repair. I asked him, how can that be when it was running when you called me..... he got defensive and started to say that i was trying to blame him for my car messing up. my question is, did I do this, or could my mechanic have blown my engine? (when i drove the car in, i had only one quart of oil in the engine)

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