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Remote start aftermarket

12-20-2010, 01:37 AM
Okay. Here goes. I wanted to install the factory Remote Start on my 07 but it comes with an extra FOB to start the truck. I wanted the one built into my FOB like the 08 has.
Well they say the 08 kit will not work. Soooooooo
I looked up this model RS1050 by Stellar alarms sold by the Hoffman Group.
My question being like all others is Do you need the BYPASS MODULE?

It's if you have a transponder key, YES.
Well my key like everyone elses does not look like most transponder keys. I have heard them called Sentry keys. My question is where or how would you get that bypass to work?
Most bypass modules have you place a spare transponder key into the bypass box. How would that be acheived if you have the Sentry key remote?


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