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Power steering fuild in break system!!!!911

11-22-2010, 09:51 PM
Hello everyone!!!
I wanna say hey to everyone and that I hope everyone is doing good!!!!
A few mths ago I posted a thread about a 2000 ford excursion 5.4 trition rwd. I was wanting to know what was is was worth and how to fix somethings.....Iv looked this truck up all over and iv seen them going for around 6k with 200kmiles....
Well I blew it off bc he wanted 2000k and I didn have it....
Well instead of buying it I did some work on it for him..
He has been driving it for the last few mouths with no problems.....Today he called me asking If I steel had MY 2000 ford explorer v6 4.0 rwd and if I wanted to trade straight across for it!!! I asked what was wrong with his....(he said that he put power steering fluid in the break lines a weak ago by mistake and now his breaks no longer work:loser::banghead:....

I went and go the truck a hour ago and the breaks work but only IF YOU SLAM IN TO THEM(You cant push on them normal or they just go to the floor)

Can some one tell me what all I will need to replace and or do to get the system working again????

I think I will have to change the master cylinder....

Iv made some notes about this truck!!!
The lines look to be steel in the front!!! (calipers)
The rear breaks are calipers not drum and there is about 6ichs of rubber house (goes from steal line to rubber line to caliper )
This seems to be a good running truck...The one thing That (BOTHERS ME) Is it make a weird clicking or poping noise when it fires up(Almost sounds like valve clader)(also does it when you give it A GOOD REV)(It also sounds like maybe it could have a bad cat leak or something like that)He said it has made this noise since he got it 3 years ago?

What are some of the things I should do???What would you do????

How do I flush the lines???
How much will this cost me....As long as I stay under 200 Im Happy!!!!
Can some one give me ideas????
Any idea on this noise???

ps I work at the dodge dealer ship in town as a lub teck soo Im going to try to flush them tomorrow at work !!!!
Thanks God bless!!!!Happy Thanks giving everyone!!!:grinno:

11-24-2010, 09:24 PM
The only problem I see is that PS fluid is oil based and brake fluid water soluble. I would get as much out of the reservoir that I could with a turkey baster. Then I would refill it with brake fluid and start bleeding it from the farthest wheel from the master cylinder which would be the RR wheel. Then when it shot out clean brake fluid I go to the next nearest wheel which would be the LR. Then do the front calipers. You may have to blow the pistons out of the bore and put in new seals.

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