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Turbo 5sfe???

11-19-2010, 12:31 PM
I just bought a 1992 2.2l camry, just crashed my nissan 300zxtt and need something to blow those little fat can hondas off the road. i know the mr2 has the 5sfte, sooo....can this do it? for cheap? HELP!

11-22-2010, 03:00 PM
Yes, it can be, it's not cheap. Turbos have been custom fitted into the 4-cyl Camry to provide low boost. Not a very common undertaking, but it has been done along with the custom ECU reprogram.

More common are the V6 Camrys using the TRD turbo kit for the Solara. Too bad you didn't buy one of those instead. A much more straightforward install.

Here's a link to a thread that gives a more complete description of the process:

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