Cup Holder Tabs

10-30-2010, 11:07 PM
Those foam tabs in the cup holders on 2001- 2004 Tacomas tear away after a couple of years. I tried making my own, but was unhappy with the results. I order new ones through a dealer. Here are the part numbers 66995-AD011 you will need 4 of these, and 66995-AD021 you will need just one of these as it is shared between the two at the middle divider between the two cup slots. Don't let them tell you its not a good number. Find another dealer. Should cost around $10. I made a .pdf of all the tabs in case you'd like to try and make your own. I have heard that neoprene mouse pads are a good source for the material, and that's what the new ones feel like they are made out of, however the ones I made were too flimsy for me.

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