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Valve Adjust / Clutch Creak

10-29-2010, 12:29 AM
I had someone looking at my 01 CRV that I advertised for sale. Looker told me CR-V's need valves adjusted every 60K. Book says don't do it unless they are noisy, only do it when timing belt is changed at 105K.
Also, he noticed the clutch linkage creaks. You have to have engine off and radio off and hold your breath to hear it. I can't tell where it comes from. My daughters Civic creaks way more. I know it's trivial, and I never noticed it before, but what is it? Could be the shaft that pushes the master cyl, or the switch rocker, or the hinge, but I I got under dash and blasted everything with lube spray, and it still creaks

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