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10-29-2010, 12:11 AM
Hi,this is my last proyect, originally It was a 1/25 Revell 1972 Honda CB 250, but I began to research Mexican motorcycles, and I liked Moto Islo bikes and Carabela bikes, I fond that in the 70īs, Carabela and Moto Islo copy the Honda CB looks, so I decides to make the carabela 350cc, two ciinders, two strokes.
In mexico was common the Carabelas were used to work, some of these works were to deliver milk, yes friends, the milk was put in big containers and delivered home by home, so I wanted to do a replica of these bikes, the Carabela motorcycles used Minarelli Italian engines.
These kits presentatiosn were a Honda and Harley kit and Triumph and BSA kit, tI think hey were 1/25 and came all chrome.
Some friend gave me the bike in a little bike:
It's supossed to be this bike:
I couldnīt find pictures of the 350cc Carabela bike so here are pictures of the one cilinder 100cc bike:
This is the 2 cilinder machine:
I saw a revell Honda built like really worn and rusted so I got there my idea:
So I began my build, first removing the chrome:
I began the assembly, and I had to complete the frame:
I raised the handlebars:
Made a new air cooled head:
And began the paint:
Then assembly and some details:
Bike was complete, but I had to make milk cans and some friend gave me the advise to add an air pump and guards, I also aplied some dirtd colr and black to mahe look worn and dirty:
Here a picture of some modern milk deliver:
Bike complete, I will post it in complete model gallery:
Thanks for watching!

10-29-2010, 05:46 AM
Wow, pretty nice details in such tiny scale for a motorcycle.
But the idea of mildelivery by bike, that still puzzles me... you can have loads more delivery by car IMO...

You have done a great job!

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