2000 Metallic Black Honda HRV Engine Head Rebuild Help-Stuck

10-28-2010, 03:52 AM
Hello All.I bought a Honda HRV 2000 about 6 months ago to do a rebuild.It was giving off white smoke out the exhaust.I did a compression check and got 0 psi on cylinder 4.All others was around 200.I took everything apart with guidance from the Honda ESM.

Sure enough there was a Exhaust Valve with a hole on it.Replaced the Exhaust Valve,Head gasket,Water Pump,Valve Guides/Seals,Ignition Coil,Timing Belt,Alternator Belt,Oil Filter&Oil.Flushed Engine.Checked the head professionally for cracks or warpage and all is good.Cleaned Head Matting Surfaces Perfectly.Torqued the head down to Honda Specs With Torque Wrench.Set Valve Clearance to 20 on the intake ans 25 on the exhaust as ESM specified. Bled The Radiator,New Coolant.Lapped The Valve Seats properly.New Bosch Sparks As Well

What doya know.I Still Get White Smoke.It wasn't an easy build either.The Cuts on the arms says it all.lol.Neighbours thought i was nuts as i was laughing my head off as it smoked.

Engine Management light came on,After checking it was a misfire on cylinder one.Took off the Exhaust manifold and there was oil in all the exhaust ports

Did Another Compression Check and Got: 1-213 2-215 3-215 4-219.Thats Checks as Good According to Honda ESM.

Checked Fuel Injectors the DMM&Stethoscope-All is Good(Cleaned Them With Injector Cleaner as well)

No Vacumm Leaks on Intake Manifold.Timing is Set To TDC on Cam and mark on Crank.

I Don't have alot of cash left to buy a LeakDown Tester or a Compressor Now.Any Advise or Quick Tests I Can Do To Help Me Diagnoise This Problem Is Warmly Welcomed.I'm thinkin Piston Rings but Compression is Very Good.Hows Thats possible.

What The Hell Am I Doing Wrong Here.

01-01-2013, 09:19 PM

there are some rocker rubber seals under the rocker cover. change them if u didn't.
check the PCV valve, and try to replace it..

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