Transmission swap

10-17-2010, 01:30 PM
Can anyone tell me if a trans mission numbered RF F2VP 7006 AC CAN BE SWAPED OUT FOR A RF F4AP7006 AB THE AC IS OUT OF A 93 CROWN AND THE AB IS IN A 94. I don't want to waste a lot of time if it won't work the car and other tranny were free to my son. Thanks the shifter linkage is different but that is all that i can visually see

10-17-2010, 04:17 PM
I can't say for certain based on the year or parts numbers, but if they're both AODE then they should swap just fine. If you drop the pan on the two, the AODE will have electronic solenoids present on the valve body and the AOD will not as it is mechanically actuated.

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