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96 jimmy 4.3 trouble codes

10-11-2010, 01:05 AM
I have a 96 jimmy with a 4.3, 4wd. Codes i got off it are
p0108/map sensor?
p0131/o2 sensor?
p0151/o2 sensor?
Wife was driving and said it lost all power, i jumped in put it in drive and it bogs down if you give it to much gas, let off and it seems fine. i could get up to about 40 mph and then it semed to have its normal power and was then able to step it down. Then off the stop sign it was the same thing.
when under the hood i slammed the throttle down and it sounds as if its getting to much gas and flooding. sounds kinda like backfiring inside the motor. When i let off it goes back to idiling fine.
I cleared the codes, drove it a couple hours and got these codes
p0107map sensor
p0113intake air temp
p1000 ??
I left them codes and have driven it since and it seems to be normal.
Does anyone have an idea of what to look into first? Sorry for the long explanation. just trying to show the whole picture. thanks for the help.

10-12-2010, 08:01 PM
If fuel pressure is low, it's very common for MAP and O2 sensor DTC's to show up. These engines rely heavily on correct fuel pressure. Checking the fuel filter, fuel pressure and leakdown is the first place look for a problem. Key ON, engine OFF, fuel pump running, pressure must be 60psi to 66psi. Pressure must remain above 55psi for 3 to 5 minutes after the pump shuts off. Post your results.

10-13-2010, 02:34 AM
Hey thanks old master for all the good info. Forgot to mention that this happened to me last year about this time, i let it sit where it quit for about 4 months. Jumped in it one day, cranked her over and it started right up. Sputtered for 30 seconds and has ran fine up until now, when it all started over again. Now it wont start at all. Thanks for your time and i will post what happens. Thanks again!

10-13-2010, 12:18 PM
Turned the key this morning, no noise from fuel pump, unhooked connectors at fuel pump and had 12 volts for a few seconds. when i hook them back up i dont hear pump running.

10-13-2010, 06:07 PM
Unplug the module connector and check resistance on the black wire in the harness connector to a good, clean chassis ground. Must be less than 5 ohms. If you have battery voltage for "pump prime" at the harness connector grey wire for 2 seconds, and ground resistance checks good, the pump is the problem.

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