97 Sebring 2.5L V6 intermittent miss

10-08-2010, 07:46 PM
Hi folks, hoping someone out there has had a similar problem and can help. My sebring has recently started an intermittent miss at idle and at any speed. The motor cuts out for a split second and the tach bottoms out. It only happens for that brief moment and then it runs fine. So far no Check Engine lights or any other symptoms, and the plugs and wires are fairly new. Any ideas are appreciated as I would like to try to catch it before it becomes a bigger problem. Thanks in advance.

11-27-2010, 07:51 AM
Hello again and Happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to add some more information about my problem with the Sebring. The loss of power (the engine actually cuts out completely) happens while at idle or while driving. When this happens, the tach bottoms out (makes sense, the engine isn't running), but the odometer light also goes out briefly. This last only a second or two and then the engine fires back up and the odometer comes back on. The other day it happened while I was driving and the power loss seemed to last longer (3-4 seconds) before refiring. Since then, the speedometer needle fluctuates while driving. Also of note, occasionally both the speedometer and tachometer will not operate when I first start the car and take off, but will start to work after a few moments. Hopefully this info will help to narrow down the problem. Is it possible for a speed sensor or tps to cause this type of problem? At first I was thinking a fuel or spark problem, but now I am thinking electrical or a sensor. Any help would greatly appreciated.

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