05 Colorado ABS light and Pulsating pump

10-01-2010, 11:15 AM
I am working on a 2005 Chevy Colorado 3.5L 4x4.

The ABS light comes on, and you can hear the pump pulsating, intermittently. hasn't happened to me yet, test drove a few times.
I scanned it and pulled codes:

C0035 - LF Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Fault.
C0045 - RF Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Fault.
C0220 - LF ABS Channel In Release Too Long.
C0899 - Battery or Device 1 Voltage Low.
U1026 - Loss Class 2 Comm w/ ATC/TRANS.
U1064 - Lost Comm w/ BCM/DIM

The 0035 and 0045 for the wheel sensors tested good/accurate, when scoped with SNAP-ON SOLUS PRO scantool.

But this issue/codes were not current when I test drove the vehicle/I have not been able to replicate the problem. I pulled the codes from the history.

I do not want to replace the HUB ASSEMBLY until I am absolutely positive thats the problem.
I did find a TSB# 10021348 (NHTSA, not GM TSB) but it is not helpful bc GM has not found a solution for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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