possible oil presure problem

09-30-2010, 11:07 PM
Hi All,

I'm new to this forum. And I am not much of a mechanic so bare with me... :(

I recently inherited a 95 passport. the truck sat for about about a year due to a horrible oil leak coming from both valve covers.. before I got it. i had the gaskets replaced this week. and besides a little smoke from the spilled oil but its not leaking anymore. the engine (according to the previous owner) has had a tick since he got it at 80k. it has 222k now and still seems like it has the power of a new engine.

the mechanic that replaced the gaskets, tells me that the engine is loosing oil pressure possibly from clogged pickup or a failing oil pump and that due to the high mileage, he recommends replacing the engine. why replace the engine it I can dry spin the tires when barely stepping on the gas?!?!?!

The mechanic did not do a manual pressure test and is going by the oil gauge... The gauge will sit between 0-85 for about 15 minutes after driving then it starts to bounce around... all the way down to 0 and all the way to the max (100 i think)...
it doesn't seem to be over heating.. I think the ticking may have got louder as i drove it but it was really hard to tell seeing i was on a busy highway from the shop to my home.

I haven't driven the truck for more than a few minutes so far. so i can really elaborate more than the mechanic has told me. and the little bit bout the ticking.

I would like to try and clean the engine and if there is a way, I want to clean the pickup screen (if it is not too difficult like removing the pump) I read a little bit about seafoam engine cleaner. would this take care of the possibly clogged pickup?

does anyone have any suggestions?

Much appreciated.


09-30-2010, 11:20 PM
I recently read a post that the low oil pressure on his truck was due to a plugged oil filter.

I would probably spin off your current filter, put on a new one. Dump in 1/2 a can of sea foam and then go for a 15 mile ride. Then dump the oil and change the filter and see what happens...

09-30-2010, 11:42 PM
Sounds like a good idea. the filter is new... oil was changed when the shop replaced the gaskets.
might be worth the shot.. lets see .... $30 compared to $1800....

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