1995 mazda protege lx engine light is on ?

09-24-2010, 11:43 AM
I let my 95 protege 1.5l sit and I didn't start it for about a month cuz I was offshore. It has 81k almost exactly. Well yesterday i was driving it and the engine light came on.well i went put some Lucas stuff in it and fueled up hoping it would maybe go away.I drove around for thirty minutes and keep trying to work gas thru engine.well I also disconnected the positive battery terminal and let it sit for 15min hoping it may go away this time.well it came back on. I also changed oil and its still on. Never have I had any problems with this car and the engine light has never before came on. I wanted to take it to autozone yo get them to run the scanner but I called them and they said they can only do it on 1996 model cars are newer....
Anyone have any ideas what it may be?

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