eating oil

09-17-2010, 06:17 PM
have 97 ram 1500 with 49,285 miles was my dad's went on 400 mile trip with popup trailer and the thing ate oil like crazy, 3 qts there little over 3 qts back only thing could see leaking was lower trans cooler lines. didn't seem to use anti-freeze, no leaks around engine block, no notable difference in look of oil. smoked only a couple of times when stomped on gas to pass with a little knocking but only when hitting gas, didn't notice any going up hill either. let set over night and when started next day had alot of white smoke. oil level was normal but little low of anti-freeze. oil and trans fluid changed before trip. did run great on trip but oil was eaten alive. can't understand where oil went! didn't notice anything wrong when using before trip, 2 months of using. thank you!

09-17-2010, 08:29 PM
belly pan gasket on the bottom side of the intake. Pretty common. Check the rear two plugs for oil fouling. If they are than the belly pan gasket has ruptured. Another way to check is to remove the breather hose and the pcv valve from the valve covers. With the engine running block the holes with your hands. If you can feel vacuum sucking your hands in than for sure the belly pan gasket has ruptured.

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