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82 Ford E250 4.9 carb Computer

09-17-2010, 02:03 PM
Hey guys! Glad I found this site. I had the engine and tranny, C6 3 speed, on my 82 ford van E250 4.9L carb model rebuilt and for the most part is comming out the way I want it. I'm still doing minor adjustments and other work to get the best performance out of it so hence the following questions. What functions does the computer this old control on this vehicle? The van is in excellent condition, however, there's a few wires on the engine compartment that I don't know what they are. I also want it to start on one crank in the morninig instead of pedaling a few times for gas and cranking up to four times. There's a little bit of what kind of feels like hessitation on the engine or like a mini misfire, but it's not a misfire. Anyways I thought this might have to due with the computer or a missing wire or sensor feeding the computer. If you can please help me out with this and other following questions I would really appreciate it, this is my work van. :rolleyes:

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