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98 GST CEL on Code P1105 - where do I get the FPS ?

09-16-2010, 05:10 PM
I tested the solenoid and it appears dead. Apply voltage and no click.

I just want to get a new one. Is this a dealer only part? None of the usual suspects seems to carry it. Or am I just not looking in the right places.

If anyone knows where to get it, please share. I will be giving Mitsu dealership a call too.

Thanks in advance.

09-17-2010, 11:55 AM
Might want to change the fuel filter also.

this is from mitchell ondemand 5
NOTE: For terminal identification, see TERMINAL IDENTIFICATION in SELF-DIAGNOSTICS section. For circuit and wire color identification, see WIRING DIAGRAMS - 2.0L - TURBO article.

Disconnect Black vacuum hose from fuel pressure solenoid nipple. Disconnect electrical connector. Connect hand vacuum pump to solenoid nipple where hose was connected. Apply vacuum to solenoid. Go to next step.
Apply battery voltage across solenoid terminals. Vacuum should be maintained with voltage applied and should leak with voltage not applied. If vacuum is not as specified, replace solenoid. If vacuum is as specified, go to next step.
Turn ignition off. Check resistance between solenoid terminals. If resistance is 36-44 k/ohms at 68F (20C), go to next step. If resistance is not as specified, replace solenoid.
Turn ignition on. Check voltage between ground and solenoid connector terminal No. 1. If battery voltage exists, go to next step. If battery voltage does not exist, check wiring harness between MFI relay and solenoid.
Turn ignition off. Disconnect PCM connector. Turn ignition on. Check voltage between ground and PCM connector terminal No. 3. If battery voltage exists, check PCM connector. If PCM connector is okay, replace PCM. If battery voltage does not exist, check solenoid connector. If connector is okay, check wiring harness between PCM and solenoid.

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