Sebring '04 LXi, Check Engine is flashing, atfer a dead battery

09-12-2010, 08:26 PM
Hello everyone,
over the weekend it looks like I didn't close my trunk and ... battery is dead. Nothing special, so far. I have a Jump Start battery, which was half charged, but anyway I tried to jump start my car. When I connected it the CD-Changer, no matter that the button was in OFF position, changed some of the CDs. Strange! The Clock indicator wasn't showing enything, even the time!

First attempt to start - the engine made one try to start, after which there was a strange noise, like 'trrrrr', sounds like banging 4-5 times/sec. I waited another 30 seconds, second attempt - same. Third attempt - same, and the jump battery was dead as well. The Check Engine light appeared. I put the jump battery to charge, and in the meantime my neighbor came over, so with his running engine I tried again, but ... this time there was only "trrrr" noise. Engine light ON, after about 10 seconds it starts to flash for 10-11 clicks, then stays ON again.

I took my negative battery cable off, in order to reset the PCM. No difference. By chance, he had INNOVA 3030, which gave me no error (number 0), but yellow light was ON, which means Self-diagnostic not completed, and there was 4 flashing indicators on the I/M Monitor Status:C, EV, O, OH.
... From the INNOVA 3030 specs:
YELLOW LED - Indicates there is a possible problem. A “Pending” DTC is present and/or some of the vehicle's emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing.
C = Catalist Monitor
EV = Evaporative System Monitor
O = Oxygen sensor monitor
OH = Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor

MONITOR STATUS - If the Car Reader’s LCD display shows a zero (indicating there are no DTCs present in the vehicle's computer), but the yellow LED is lit, it indicates a "Monitor Has Not Run" status. This means that some of the Monitors on the vehicle have not yet finished their diagnostic self-testing. This condition is confirmed by one or more blinking Monitor icons on the LCD display. A blinking Monitor icon means the Monitor has not yet run and finished its diagnostic self-testing. All Monitor icons that are solid have completed their diagnostic self-testing.

Can you please advise me what is happening and what are my options?
How can I make this Monitor to 'Run' again his self-diagnostics in order to finish his job? I tried on-board test - push reset/trip button --> ignition key... and it checks all circuits, end message is 'done' and that is it. Check Engine is still ON.
Any help will be much appreciated.

04-25-2011, 11:19 AM
I have the same problem with my "97 conv. I can not find a reset button. Can you tell me where it may be please? I have even changed the wiring harness because of exposed wires. It will turn over, but not start.My obd does the same as yours. Not reading . Any help is very much Appreciated and Thanks.

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