Toyota Corolla Hard Start

09-10-2010, 12:15 PM
I was having problem with my Toyota corolla, every morning when I will start the engine, it does not go through just one click of the key, i usually need to pump the gas while starting it, What i have noticed, the battery poles do have color white residue, does it something to do why my car is too hard to start?

09-13-2010, 12:25 PM
Your model's year would help here, but if it is any newer than 1987 or so, yours is likely to be fuel automatically sets a higher idle speed when the engine is cold and should employ what's called a cold start fuel injector to add extra gas.

If you hare having a hard time starting, first question is how is it hard to start? When you turn the key, does the engine tend to spin at the usual speed or does it sound like it is alot slower? Normal speed indicates a problem with fuel delivery and a slow turning engine indicates low power coming from the battery to crank the starter.

To clean the battery posts, park outside so that any deposits and water can be washed away. Unclamp and remove the big cables from the battery...careful to not touch any of the whitish corrosion deposits. Then clean the corrosion off the battery terminals with a mixture of dissolved baking soda and water. It will dissolve, but it may take a few cycles of dousing and rinsing. Be careful to not splash on yourself, just a gentle rinse is fine. When done, dry off the posts and cable clamps one at a time. If you have a battery terminal cleaner or small wire brush, use it to brighten up the surfaces of the posts and clamps that touch each other. Then clamp them back down. Many times this will help a hard-starting condition when the engine seems to turn over slowly.

If this doesn't help, then have the battery checked at a parts store for voltage and load tested. It may simply be time for a new battery.

Fuel problem diagnosis can be more involved, so start with the easy stuff and post back what you find.

GOod luck!

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