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2005 2500 diesel, tranny issues, transmission

09-09-2010, 10:06 PM
read a few post on tranny issues.
ran a scan on the truck, no issues, it is chipped with a quadzilla, so code came up as intermitten ECM.. will edit to correct if I recall code

but no tranny codes. transmission will surge/not shift, loose power of first gear.. not quit a slip, but it is slipping on first gear only.
have done some heavy towing, but alot of 4x4 low/hi on the beach in rough conditions,

Found 2005 service manual from ( with 2005 finally, so will hopefully find some trouble shooting tips.

read post on solenoid, flushing trans fluid.. trans fluid is time to change, maybe 40k, total 101k on vehicle. starting to smell and leave residue. just trying to avoid full trans rebuilt or new one, all other gears work great, pull great, just first gear.
thanks in advance.

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