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97 Rs electrical issue

09-09-2010, 09:59 PM
Hey all just joined after spending a few weeks working on a very odd issue i am having. I have a 1997 Eclipse Rs non turbo, manual transmission. The problem I am having is when I turn my car off (as in turn the key off) it stays running. Take the key out of the ignition, it stays running. I have it narrowed down to this, under the hood is a fuse box, inside that are 2 fuses in a yellow plastic holder, one is for radio the other is for the interior lights. while the key is out of the ignition (and the car is still running) I pull the fuse for the interior lights and the car shuts off! Something wrong here. Now while the key is out of the ignition I put the fuse for the interior lights back in and a few relays click on and the EGR purge solenoid makes noise, I go in the car and the cluster lights are on (like when you turn the key to the on position) but the key is no where near the ignition. I have some experience in auto mechanics and have never came across a situation like this (let alone any other person I have asked) all I get are puzzled looks.
I have checked every wire I can find under the hood, under the car, inside the car, inside the inside of the car (under panels), in the dash and I have found nothing. Is this something a faulty ignition switch would do? Any ideas?

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