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P1494 LDP failure

Papa George
09-08-2010, 08:45 AM
I just put my 420a back into my 97 rs, I removed it for a head gasket leak and wile it was out I just went ahead and rebuilt it.

Issue before I removed it.
Head gasket leak.
P0455 Gross leak

Issue after I installed it.
P1494 LDP mechanical failure.

I have checked the LDP and it is working, I can here it clicking away just like before. check the vacuum and it is 1hg (I'm not to sure what it is to be)

I checked the vacuum diag. and the routing of the lines and they are the same.

My question.
Has anyone else had this same issue with the P1494 and what was the solution?

I read about a LDP sensor can someone tell me were it is at?


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