95 sebring trans problems

09-07-2010, 09:14 PM
First off ill start by saying that I've allready replaced the shift solenoid, input, and output sensors. Fluid and filter too. Still having the exact same problem. Car keeps going in limp mode. Usually happens after car has warmed up. A heavy acceleration causes a bad 1-2 shift. Almost feels like its slipping. If you restart the car while moving transmission works fine. Car goes into drive and I'm on my way. Problem occurs again after coming to a stop. But not every time. To me it seems if I drive the car really easy (gentle accel/coast to stop) the problem doesn't happen as much. Rapid accel and decel make it surely happen. I feel like there is something going on with the 1-2 shift. Also another note tranny fluid get hot! And I pulled the tranny cooler lines off and hardly any fluid came out (maybe 4-5 drops). Makesd me think there may be a cooling issue which would explain the isue happening when warm. Looking for some guidence

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