Tailgate Lock Actuator

09-01-2010, 08:39 AM
Hello all,

Brand new to the Forum due to the fact I just purchased a 2001 Rodeo Sport Hardtop, V6, 2wd automatic.

The tailgate power door lock is not working. The power door locks in the 2 doors work fine by the door panel switch and the remote. The tailgate will only open with the key. Not a huge deal but I am trying to fix it.

I removed the lock actuator from the tailgate, it plugs in with a 4 prong wire harness. I figured I could get a part # off of it but there is none. It is a sealed unit. I am not sure if the problem it is the lock actuator itself or possibly an electrical problem. I measured the voltage on the wire that plugs into the actuator and I am only getting about 3 volts when the lock button is depressed. I was thinking this should be 12 volts?

I have a repair maunual on order now, I am hoping that will give we some wiring diagrams. Any help or knowledge would be appreciated. I did search the forum and did not find anything similiar.


09-27-2010, 10:32 AM
I FIXED my tailgat lock issue. Upon further review and searching the Haynes manual I found 3 broken wires right where the tailgat swings open. Once I repiared these wires the tailgate lock works great.

I also ordered a fuel sending unit and replaced did that job. The tank was nto too bad to remove. The directions listed on this site were excellent. Fuel gauge is working perfect.


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