something loose in the suspension

08-31-2010, 02:07 PM
My dad had the rear shocks replaced on his '99CV S model. I would have done the job but do not have a torch/plasma cutter to make short work of the top nuts. Ever since, there has been a definite clunk sound from the driver side rear. It happens more often than not at lower speeds, when backing into/pulling out of the end of the driveway where there is a grade change, over r/r tracks, etc. I took it back to the repair facility, they put it up on the lift (the drive on style) and could find nothing other than a bad front lower ball joint on passenger side. The spring that holds the emergency brake cable taught has rotted off, so if you pull on it really good and let go it will spring back and make a sound, but not the one that I'm hearing inside the vehicle. It sounds to me like a popping noise, like something shifting when the right force acts upon it. I've since looked under the vehicle and don't really see anything unusual other than the sway bar end link bushings are slightly cracked on both sides, but no slop in them. I did notice that the top nut on the driver side shock was tightened down revealing about 10 threads above it, while the passenger side shows about 5-6 threads. The body mount insulators look great. I checked the trunk area for anything loose and made sure that the spare was tightly secured. Any ideas and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

09-01-2010, 11:13 AM
What brand of shocks did you have installed?

Are the insulators and washers properly installed on both sides of the shock-to-frame mount points?

Can you reproduce it by pushing on the rear quarter panels up and down or side to side?

If it happens more when the left and right suspension are at different lengths of travel, I'd look into the sway bar end links and axle insulators. Maybe even the watts link and control arms. But since it really started with the replacement of your shocks, I'd focus on them.

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