1974 Dodge 360 W100 Backfires

08-28-2010, 07:23 AM
Hello All;
I just finished doing a required lower end overhaul with a stock new cam & lifters. I made very sure that the timing chain was installed right. I had Recarbco out of Pittsburgh, CA (www.recarbco.com) rebuild the Carter 750 4B carb, it was leaking from the secondary shaft in the outside wall; and by the way they did one excellent job, highly recommend them.
So after I get the motor started and running, there is and backfire/miss thru the tailpipe. Here are some of the facts:
*Dodge 360 (1974) bored out to .030.
*Carter Competition 750 cfm 4b, rebuilt.
*New stock cam that came with the master overhaul kit with lifters.
*All of the modules, resistor, control modules have been replaced.
*New cap & plugs.
*Old rotor and old wires.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?:screwy:

Found the problem, after checking the firing order for the forth time and paying more attention to it this time #2 & #4 were switched.......

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