10yrs or 120k ... 10yrs for me ...

08-27-2010, 02:55 PM
I purchased my Amigo on 26Aug2000 and here I am at 10 years of service from him (at 104k). I purchased it after following message forums like this one and reading posts from Dave Chang, CP, Randii, Big Swede, JasonB and MJW ...

Link to my service:


Warranty items:

Accelerator peddle sensor
Wheel center caps
Drivers door check (2x)
intake manifold gasket (2x)
tranny piston cover
1 valve cover seal
Fuel pump with the sending unit (nothing wrong with the fuel pump but the dealer swaps out the whole thing)

Things I've done ....

plugs 2x
grease slip yoke.
Fuel filter 2x
air filter 4x
multiple fluid changes
Flushed tranny at 30, 60k, dropped pan replace filter 90k, flush tranny 104k
Replace rear brake pads
3x s-belt
1 s-belt pulley
1 exhaust flex pipe
and a few days ago the range tranny sensor died so I replaced that.

Still original
T-belt and water pump
still the original front brake pads (the rotor fins look like the titanic, rusty)

Several weeks ago I purchased a used alt and used starter off a 2004 Rodeo with 60k so I'm ready for that.

Front brakes I'm going to have switched out within the next couple of months.
t-belt and water pump I'm going to let the dealer swap them out this next spring ...

Then I'll be back to swapping fluids and filters for awhile ....

it is a great ride!

Here is to the next 10yrs!

08-27-2010, 07:08 PM
Congrats Amigo-2k! I hope all isuzu's last a long long time, though most I see on the road look pretty beat up.

Come November I will have owned my 95.5 rodeo for 15 years! 145k miles. It has actually been very reliable.

So far, the problems I've had are:

Alternator overcharging (recall)
Speedometer gear bad (under warranty)
Valve cover gaskets (did once and needs it again now)
starter motor 2x
coolant pipe under intake manifold leak
O2 sensor replaced.

My maintenance goes like this:

Oil change every 3k-5k.. First Havoline, then Pennzoil Platinum, now Rotella 5w-40
Tranny fluid flush every 30-40k. Tranny Pan dropped and Filter replaced twice.
Spark plugs and wires 2x
Air filter 4x
fuel filter 4x
Brakes (all 4) 1x
Timing Belt, waterpump, tensioner 1x
Tires 3x (michelin, now kumho)
Battery 3x (interstate)
Radiator and hoses 2x
bottle of techron concentrate every other oil change

My upgrades:

16" snowflake rims
Dynomax muffler
Manik Grill and tail light guards
Painted door handles and rear pillar covers body color
Replaced black bumpers with chrome
Honda passport fender flares
Added magnefine transmission filter

I'm hoping for another 10 years. I worry about the tranny the most. The engine is bullet proof. Everything else is not too bad to replace.

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