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2005 Tribute P0171 (lean code)

08-22-2010, 12:57 PM
2005 Mazda Tribute / 130k miles / 4-cylinder

I wanted to do a smoke test on this truck before throwing parts & service @ it.

The lower intake is leaking smoke!

Got , and some new gaskets.

Remove the passenger side electric coolant fan, also remove hood latch + brace, so you can get to the Intake bolts.
10MM bolts are holding the intake.
10mm long + short sockets, and two short extenshions 3/8 drive.
A torx (T30) head bolt holding the dip stick, and needs tobe removed.
It looks like the power steering pump needs to come off to get to the 8th bolt, but it doesn't.

Root cause - The rubber PCV crankcase ventilation tube went bad causing unmeter Air leaks, and DTC P0171.

I bought Flowpro Inake gaskets from AutoZone for $20, Mazda dealership was $40.
Mazda also wanted $40 for a crankcase vent tube, I made my own for $2.
Also put a $40 ACME Auto emissions filter on to help protect my MAF, IACT, H02 sensors, Catalytic converter, and Throttle body from emission gunk.
see , we actually picked up 2 more MPG on Hwy (25 MPG) @ 70mph.

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